Q: how do i start?

A: Drop me an email at hello@kiminam.com -- tell me what services you are curious about, what the project | event is, the date, and anything you think will be important for me to know, like how many items will be needed, deadlines, color themes, mood of the party.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I'd be happy to meet with you and show you some of my work.

It might also be helpful if you created a Pinterest board of ideas -- it can be a private one. My Pinterest name is kimi_nam. or you can find me here. Or you can send me images of what inspires you.

Q: what are your prices?

My prices can be found on my etsy shop here. If you still have questions about prices, please contact me.


Q: some things to know:

  • Lettering looks different depending on the materials used -- ink, papers, colors, etc. This is what makes hand-done calligraphy so unique and special. You can feel the human hand involved in creating the calligraphy piece.
  • I can send you samples of my work after we consult via email, skype, or in person. There is a small charge of about $10 (depending on the samples needed) to cover postage and my time.
  • When I started this business, my goal is to enable all price ranges to be able to incorporate calligraphy into their event/life. Perhaps hand-addressed envelopes are not in your budget, as an alternative, you could have personalized guest cards made, or menus, or signage at your wedding. My rubber stamps are also another way to incorporate calligraphy and can be used to create your own stationary. I can give you instructions on how to do this.
  • I'm here to answer any of your questions, drop me a line at hello@kiminam.com