Speedball Calligraphy Nibs

Hunt 56 | School

I love this nib! It is stiff but not too stiff (not as flexible as the Hunt 99, but not stiff like the Hunt 107). This is the nib that would please Goldilocks.

This nib can fit the B Speedball holder but I'm using the Brause wooden holder in these pictures.  There is a good contrast between thick and thin lines. No snagging and easy to use.

I highly recommend this nib.

Hunt 101 | Imperial

This nib is a tricky one.

Sometimes I am able to use it without a problem and sometimes I can't seem to get the correct amount of pressure needed to use this nib. 

I was having trouble with the upstrokes and not applying enough pressure which caused the pen nib to skip. But when I applied too much pressure on the downstroke, the nib would splatter.

I may need more practice with this nib but for now, it would not be my nib of choice.

Hunt 107 Hawk Quill

I don't particular like this pen nib. It is very stiff and you need a lot of pressure in order to get thin hairlines and thick downward strokes.

I think this would be good for individuals that want to use more pressure when writing and have a heavier hand when doing calligraphy.

This nib takes a special holder by Speedball and uses the "A" holder which is thinner than most pen holders so it feels different in  your hand.

Hunt 99

This nib is very flexible, bouncy, springy.

Very light pressure is needed. This would be good for papers that snag easily as not much pressure is needed to make a mark.

I used the Bruase Wooden Holder even though Speedball recommends the B holder. Nice hairlines, but not as fine as the Hunt 56, maybe I was pressing too hard when I was practicing with this nib.

I like this nib for those days when a light touch is needed. Probably not one of my favorite nibs of the Hunt series.

I prefer the Hunt 56 for now.

Speedball Nibs

Here is a guide sheet from Speedball about their Hunt brand calligraphy nibs.

I'll be reviewing some of these nibs in the upcoming posts but I'd thought you'd find this helpful to see Sppedball's recommendations and descriptions of their various nibs.