Nikko G

Nikko G


This is nib is favored by many modern calligraphers and is a good for beginners when starting on this journey of modern calligraphy.

This nib allows for beautiful thick & thin strokes with a heavy hand (i.e. a lot of pressure). When I was starting out, I did not know how to control the amount of pressure I was applying when practicing my lettering, there was so much to remember (when to apply pressure, make sure I'm not smudging my letters, when to load my nib with more ink, what angle to keep my nib at, etc.). But with time, your muscles learn how to apply pressure at different points while you are creating a letter.

I think my lettering has a more "gothic" feel to it when I use this nib. Excuse my spelling errors below, it's hard to concentrate on creating letters and spelling at the same time!

Here in Portland (Oregon), I have not been able to find a store that sells the Nikko G nib. I purchase my nibs from John Neal, Bookseller, Paper & Ink Arts, Jet Pens or Amazon.

Although I like this nib, this isn't my favorite nib at the moment to use, I prefer the Zebra G which I will be reviewing in my next post.