Gillott 404


In a past post I have expressed my dislike for Gillott nibs --  they are a challenge. But I had a few on hand that I thought I would try again. I do love how pretty they look -- those dark blue nibs look so elegant.

I did find a Gillott nib that I liked, the 404. The contrast between thick and thin is not as dramatic but sometimes that is needed for certain styles or looks you want to create.

The nib is on the stiff side and you can write a lot with one ink dip so this nib might be a good one for envelopes.

In the past, I have found that Gillott nibs are not as sturdy and do not keep well, they get brittle and break when kept in storage for a period of time. This is especially true of their very fine and smaller nibs like the 290, 291.

I'll keep practicing with this nib and I will experiment with the other Gillott nibs; when I have a chance, I'll report back.

Happy writing!